SINGLE REVIEW // ‘Wave Breaks’ – Array

WORDS BY TARA CAMPBELL (@tara.campbell)

Grab your headphones, shut your eyes and just listen. For three minutes and fifty-five seconds just listen.

‘Wave Breaks’ is the newest release from Sydney indie rock band- Array. I can easily say that they’ve once again smashed it with another beautiful track; one that is sure to give you goosebumps as you listen. ‘Wave Breaks’ is the perfect mix of orchestral sounds, with emotional guitar and beautiful lyrics. Some people just hit the right chords and notes to create the perfect song- Array have gone above and beyond to make this happen.

“The easy life with my baby, soaking the rays as the wave breaks”

From the instrumental lead in ‘The Sea Below Me’ to the first drum beats of ‘Wave Breaks’, listeners will be reminded of Gang of Youth’s interludes. It won’t be what you expect, but you’re certain to love it. You’ll start feeling emotions you didn’t even know that you had.

“I think she loves me…”

The track circles around someone falling in love; a simpler time, the ‘easy life’. It’s a strange but perfect mix of emotions as you listen to the sounds of love, and in a way- I think that this represents just how true love is. There are beautiful moments that make you want to freeze the world and just stop for a while and exist together. If you want to know what feeling in love feels like, listen to ‘Wave Breaks’.  

A mysterious female vocalist enters the track for the final moments, and her melodious and unique voice finalises a perfect track. Fading out in what I would describe as skipping record, the lyric ‘as the wave breaks’  brings you back to reality after drifting away into this brilliant song.

This song reminds me of a modernised version of The Beatles or The Who, and with a track this excellent- it could easily go down as a modern classic. If I can recommend one thing today, it’s to listen to this track. Invest your time and your emotions into the world that Array have created.


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