SINGLE REVIEW // ‘Pretty Grim’ – Ruby Fields


First things first – Pretty Grim sounds fkn amazing. This first single from Ruby Fields’ upcoming release maintains the band’s raw, honest voice, immediately familiar sound and manic intensity. The video clip (dir. Jamieson Kerr) mirrors that intensity with a devolution from well-presenting wedding video stylism, to getting shitfaced, covered in goon with your mates. This drunken, careless energy usually common to Ruby’s music (and live shows) comes with some self-consciousness here, though.

The song deals with the pain of mental health, growing up, expectations and coping in ways that feel like they’re letting down the people around you. The shame of being blamed for trying your best to overcome the expectations of “adulthood” and life in general. This theme carries through in the video clip, whose vivid imagery is a rejection of the expectations of adulthood, and embrace of the coping strategies and people who will support you. In my this all evokes a picture of  someone clinging to the edge with whatever they have left and hoping for something more to come along.

Ultimately this song feels like an acceptance of doing what needs to be done for your own mental health, even at the cost of disappointing or alienating yourself from people who aren’t supportive of your methods, and trying to get over the guilt of putting your own needs first.

This song fits straight into Ruby Fields’ lineup of bangers, it begs to be slammed out live to a sweaty, drunken crowd. I can’t wait for the rest of the songs on this release, and I can’t wait to get covered in beer on her next tour.

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