INTERVIEW // MAX: On Color Vision, Rags and Inspiration


Hey! It’s lovely to get to have a chat to you. How are you? What’s it like releasing music in a time that touring/ performances aren’t happening?

Hey I’m doing well thank you. It’s new and different but I’m just trying to be present and find all of the cool things we can do now that we wouldn’t be able to do if we were touring a tonne right now. 

You’ve just released Color Vision, which I think it going to be a lot of people’s favourite album of the year. How does it feel to finally have this project out there? –

Wow what a compliment so cool. It feels really calming. I’ve been anticipating it so long and didn’t know how I’d feel but truly I’m at such ease and so fulfilled seeing people warmth towards it. 

Whilst creating the album, what was your process to get it to where it is now? 

Took a whole lot of love and energy to get it exactly right. I had some truly genius humans help bring it to the finish line in all the ways sonically and visually.  

Do you have a favourite track on the album? Why?

I just really love Colour Vision the opening track. It’s a sonic space I’ve never really explored and it just gives me so much energy when I think of performing it. 

At Temporary Dreamer we have a signature question- if Color Vision was a colour, what would it be and why? This will definitely be an interesting one, given the name of the album and all (hahah) 

Definitely tough, It’s truly a rainbow album but it’s based in the colour yellow to signify that foundation of hope and finding your own new perspective on your life. 

This album features a lot of incredible collaborations- bbno$, Quinn XCII, SUGA, Felly, Chromeo, and my personal favourite- Hayley Kiyoko. How has it been collaborating with so many talented people? 

It’s incredible to work with so many people I adore and respect. They all added their own beautiful stories to this record and enhanced it thoroughly. It’s so cool to share it with them. 

Your career has been ever-changing and evolving, from your early days with Disney, Nickelodeon, Rags (Which I used to have my own choregraphed dances to), YouTube and now your professional music career. It’s almost like audiences have grown and matured with you. How does it feel looking back at some of these moments? –

It all truly happens for a reason. There have been some boxes I put myself in that I had to fight my out of and prove myself but now it’s so beautiful to know where it all started. I love that so much of the audience has grown with me or has rediscovered my music since those times. 

Have there been any of those moments that really stood out? Ones that you know you’ll never forget?

The old spice guy giving me a birthday speech during rags filming saying “Look at your man, now look at MAX, now look at your man. He’s not MAX and today is also MAX’s birthday” is just one of the all time best memories for me. He also saved my life during the vancouver hockey riots that year where we got tear gassed and he brought our little squad safely home. Random one but something I’ll always love to think of. 

What was the inspiration for this album? 

Finding a new lease and perspective on life. Following your gut and vision. Truly being able to be reborn in your life time when you think you’ve reached your lowest low. It’s all of that for sure bottled into it.  

Given the strange state of the world at the moment, how is this album’s introduction to the world different to your other releases?

I actually think I got to do a lot more cool stuff because I’ve been just locked in with my crew for a few months. Just trying to be grateful for it. 

Last one! If you could make the world listen to one song, what would it be and why?

Damn that’s tough, I think Colour Vision honestly. It may not be the lights down low or blueberry eyes but I’d hope someone who heard that song would have the reaction of “Woah I wanna hear more”. Or blueberry eyes of course. I feel like so many new wonderful fans have taken the dive into my music because of that song and the incredible work Suga did on it. 

Thank you so much for taking some time to answer some of my questions. Fingers crossed that when the world settles down, you might venture to Australia so we can check out the album in person.

Do you have any final thoughts?

appreciate anyone who takes time out of their life to listen to this record. I hope it means something to them in whatever way is natural and I can’t wait to play all of these songs live for everyone soon. 

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