SINGLE REVIEW // ‘Holy Moly’ – Mylk


Holy Moly is the latest single from Melbourne’s very own quartet, Mylk. Making their debut in 2017 these guys have slowly built a vibrant sound that can easily be compared to the likes of Teenage Dads, or The Grogans. They are fun loving, full of life and here for a good time. Holy Moly brings more grunt than their earlier releases introducing an exciting new sound to Mylk’s repertoire.

This song embodies the fun movement inspiring vibe Mylk use to describe themselves. Holy Moly will have you up off your butt dancing around your room in no time. The track’s vibrant hook sandwiches this song drawing you in and leaving it on your mind well after the first listen. Your next drive to work will have that very hook stuck in your head, tapping away on the steering wheel until you hit play again. Paired with a passionate chorus Holy Moly feels like summer memories getting ready for a gig headbanging your way through the city streets.

This belongs on an energy filled playlist with the likes of Catfish and the Bottlemen, Dear Seattle, and Loons. I am super excited to see where Mylk go from here!

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