SINGLE REVIEW // ‘Limousine Lies’ – Pirra


Limousine Lies‘ is a sweet and summery pop jam to get you out on the dance floor. The fast and funky beat left me with no option but to bop along. Pirra have created the perfect sing along track with a mix of silky smooth synth and glitter pop production elements.

Limousine Lies is ready to soundtrack a coming of age movie with a high tempo and dreamy beat. This song makes me think of a fairy floss sunset after a summer day spent in the sun. Self described as a blend of slinky electro and new wave sounds Limousine Lies is perfect for fans of Tia Gostelow, Jack River, and Electric Fields.

The sweet vocals in this track are from Jess Beck, a proud Luritja woman filling our ears with her dreamy voice. Jess’ lyrics in this track explore living a silver screen life knowing that it would all be a lie. Dreaming of a life bigger than our own is a feeling most of us can relate to, the glittery production of this song perfectly captures that imagination.

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