SINGLE REVIEW // ‘Thank You For The Honey, Honey’ – Teenage Dads

IMAGE BY Aneta Urbonaite


Teenage Dads are a 4-piece indie pop/rock band from Melbourne, and their latest single, Thank You for the Honey, Honey, really shows the guys making some of their best music to date. Filled with groovy riffs and lyrics from start to finish, Teenage Dads really utilise strong stylistic influences of The Strokes and The Beach Boys to their full extent, making for a super fun and catchy song that’ll get listeners everywhere keen for Summer. For anyone who has seen the band live before, TYFTHH has been a standout song from their setlist, and so fans of Teenage Dads were really keen to hear it recorded and released, with their expectations easily being met.

The song is about being deserted by someone close, and the band really captures it in a very bittersweet way. Not going with a more traditional slow, emotionally-driven ballad, the song is quite a fun sounding tune and creates a nice atmosphere about two friends knowing that they’re going to be drifting apart.

It starts off without any introduction, getting straight into the first verse. The lyrics, whilst simple, really add to the style and tone of the song. The song also has a pretty catchy hook and chorus:

“Thank you for the breakfast my dear
Thank you for the honey, honey
This is how we always feared
Leaving the life on empty”

The melodies and chorus do have a nice flow to them, which funnily enough reminded me of ABBA’s ‘Honey, Honey’. The chorus is also super catchy, and is one that will stick with listeners for a while.

Instrumentally, the song is fantastic. The rhythms all throughout the track create such a strong energy, so there isn’t ever a dull moment in the 3-and-a-half-minute runtime. The guitars feel like something straight off The Strokes ‘Is This It’, capturing the main groove behind the song, and some deeper leads to drive the song. The drums also sound pretty great and do keep a strong upbeat groove, recapturing a nice 70’s rock aesthetic in the sound. There is a pretty solid instrumental section after the second chorus, where the band sounds really tight and connected, plus it’s a great time for the band to show off their musical talent.

Overall, I think this is one of Teenage Dads best songs. It’s groovy but also relatable, and a song that listeners will be playing at parties or at the beach over the Summer. The 70’s style really makes it an easy and chill listen. If you’ve never heard of Teenage Dads, definitely check these guys out; and if you’re already a fan, you’re going to love this new addition to their discography.

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