SINGLE REVIEW // ‘Apricots’ – MAY-A


The 19-year-old Byron Bay raised, Sydney based artist MAY-A has put her heart on her sleeve for us through the release of Apricots. It’s hard to believe that this track is only her fourth release with its polished pop production. Erupting into a punchy chorus, Apricots tells the story of self-discovery posed as a conversation between MAY-A’s past and current self.  

Striking a balance between dreamy vocals and a bass filled buzz this track encapsulates what it feels like to truly embrace who you are. This track boasts a hearty sound and warm vocals full of soul Apricots is wrapped up in a sparkly pop package. Apricots’ lyrics are filled with a raw emotion that will hold you tight, complimented by an upbeat chorus ready for summer.

Apricots has been on repeat since I first pressed play bringing a feel good warmth to the end of 2020. She has created a sound big enough to fill festival tents with audiences screaming her lyrics back to her. MAY-A’s light and breezy approach to storytelling can be felt even through the bold chorus of this track. She brings a relatability to her lyrics whilst exploring her talents as an artist through a sound that feels real and raw.

Apricots comes with an exciting announcement, MAY-A has been signed with global label and agents including Sony Music, Mike Greek at CAA as well as Evan Davis at Village Sounds.

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