SINGLE REVIEW // ‘Boulevard’ – Swaine Delgado


With virtually no social media presence Swaine Delgado has gained over 26k streams on Boulevard since it was first released September 11. His audience are drawn to a dreamy atmosphere from across the globe. Swaine has created another mellow vibe perfect to melt in to at the end of a long day.  

Influenced by the likes of Touch Sensitive and Donny Benet, Boulevard has Swaine’s signature vibe that can pick you up from any time or place and transport you to another world. Boulevard’s dream like soundscape bring us lyrics hopeful for the future. Musing on breaking through barriers Boulevard brings the vibes of what could be.

Swaine as shared that this was the first sing he wrote from the upcoming EP as part of a creative residency in LA. Trying to capture some tricky feelings in “the most fun way possible” Swaine took his time finishing this track to perfect his silky smooth sound.

Fans of Clairo’s warmth, Still Woozy’s vibe, and Roy Blaire’s beats this one is waiting for you! A sweet like the honey in your morning tea, Boulevard will be there to bring some chill when you need it.

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