SINGLE REVIEW // ‘Her and The Sun’ – Rum Jungle


Newcastle’s Rum Jungle are back with their latest single Her and the Sun’. The indie rock quartet have been slowly making a name for themselves around the East Coast, with a pretty great discography under their belt and playing lots of shows around the state (before Covid), including a spot on 2019’s This That line up. The band also has a really great sound in their music, with bands like Ocean Alley and Lime Cordiale being big musical inspirations for the group. They’ve also really been digging deeper recently with their last few singles showing the band unlocking a lot of their potential and creating music that is definitely their own, resulting with songs like I See Red and Keep quickly becoming their most popular songs.

This latest single is one of their most picturesque songs, creating a beautiful image of sitting on a hill, watching the sunset with that special girl. Through the mix of really great instrumentals, fantastic production and solid writing. The band also feels super tight on this track, and the dynamics between the members really does shine through on Her and the Sun. It’s a song that’ll also get listeners keen for the warmer season, and it does feel like one that’ll get played loud on the car speakers whilst driving to the beach.

The band’s frontman Benny McIntyre really delivers on the vocals throughout the song, giving great range on the longer notes, and a performance where the listener can feel the passion through his voice. Vocally, it also reminds me a lot of Sticky Fingers 2016 track ‘Sad Songs’, which is definitely a great thing with Benny definitely going hard on the bigger moments in the track, like in the chorus:

“I think I almost feel it,

 I think I almost feel it,

And I’d like to take you home,

 Sit your back against the setting sun,

Mystify that I can only wait so long”

Right from the opening, the instrumentals do an awesome job at kicking off the song. I really liked the howling rhythmic guitar in the background; it feels like something from Slowly Slowly’s ‘Ten Leaf Clover’ but less prominent. The leads drive the tune and the melodies super well too, with their chilled yet powerful sounds, and the blend of the different styles really work effectively in the different parts of the track. In the second verse, they start out quite dreamy with a decent dash of reverb added, and then throughout the verse they transition to regaining how they sounded in the opening. The drums and bass also are really great, and they push the energy along in the song really well, with the drums giving the track a super fun and upbeat tempo, whilst the bass adds a lot of groove to the single.

Overall, Her and the Sun is another really great song from the Newcastle band. With their last few singles being pretty fantastic, this new song really has the potential to be the bands next big hit, and hopefully will grow the audience to all new places. Her and the Sun is fun, dreamy and performed really well. If you like the music of Lime Cordiale or Indie Rock, definitely get behind Rum Jungle and check out this new single; these guys are going to be big one day!

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