SINGLE REVIEW // ‘Closer’ – Sampson


After launching into outer space, Sampson have landed with ‘Closer ‘and are ready to explore a new territory. With a humble following Sampson are onto something big. Closer is dreamy and wistful track filled with textured samples and emotional lyrics.

Exploring something slightly different from last year’s EP From When I Went To Space, Closer is a mix of their signature sound and a few experimental samples. Holding on to their collaborative and DIY style, the acoustic guitar in this track was a simple iPhone recording. Matt, the lead produced has said that he was experimenting with hip-hop samples to create a more “Kanye type” beat, which he sat on for nearly a year before this song came to fruition.

Striking a balance between decipherable instrumentation and glowing synth, Closer left me feeling weightless. Daniel’s lyrics reflect on a time when he felt at a loss for words despite feeling a responsibility to express his inner workings. The floating feeling Sampson have created is tangible enough that their words speak in ways my own couldn’t.

For fans of of Moby’s spacey vibes and Tame Impala’s newer sound, this one is for you. Closer will leave you lulled into a dream like state.

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