SINGLE REVIEW // ‘Skywriter’ – SoSo

Words by Thomas Freeman

Sydney 4-piece indie-punk band SoSo recentlydropped their latest single Skywriter; a song that has a big Trophy Eyes or Yours Truly feeling to it, with its big riffs and anthemic vocally-driven chorus.

It’s a feel-good song that the band said is “as good as taking a classic catch in a game of cricket”, even with the overall message of the song being about the lonesome feelings we all get in times of tragedy. The key change before the final chorus really brings an ending that feels satisfying to the listener, whilst the belting drums and soaring guitars really do a great job at driving the song from start to finish. The instrumentals behind the bridge are also pretty sweet, with the bridge itself being one of the standout parts of the song, along with the choruses.

The song heavily reminds me of ‘Chlorine’ by Trophy Eyes, in the way the energyis not only strong but prominent throughout the track. The songs do feel a bit similar at times, especially in the intro and riffs, but it is also nice to hear a band taking inspiration from another and emulating it in their own way, like how they both have big hooks to really make the choruses shoot right into the listeners ears.

Although vocals at some points in the song get lost in the mix a bit, the song itself has a sound solid overall, and with the band being fairly new, I’m not that picky about the overall sound quality (especially when so many new bands incorporate a DIY style to their music). SoSo, as I said before, do have a lot of capability in their music and I am keen to see what these guys do next with the band.

SoSo are definitely a band to keep an eye out for, and ‘Skywriter’ is a great song that is worth listening to. They are filled with a lot of potential, and I think when they can really finesse their own sound, I’d expect to hear them a lot more on the radio and at some big national festivals or headline shows. I’d definitely recommend getting behind these guys because they really could be the next Trophy Eyes, especially with bands like Stand Atlantic and Yours Truly getting a lot of traction behind them.

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