SINGLE REVIEW // ‘Drift’ – Bree Rusev


Newcastle singer/ songwriter Bree Rusev has once again blessed the world with her wonderful and refined sound with her newest single Drift’. At only 17 years old, Bree has already showed the world that she is an act to be reckoned with, gaining exposure with Community Radio Play and Triple J Unearthed success on her debut single ‘Coastline’.

Drift is the perfect track for long drives in the sun, surrounded by all the people you love most. Bree’s vocals perfectly compliment her pop-folk sound met by her storytelling in not only her lyrics, but the composition of the track. I recommend just shutting your eyes and drifting (no pun intended!) away with the atmosphere created in Drift.

“And we drift in the breeze as the wind floats us out to sea”

Although Bree’s sound greets you with a familiarity, there is no female doing what she is in the folk genre. Inspired by the likes of Julia Stone, Bree still differs from this; she puts her own spin on the genre, creating something special that keeps you listening. Lyrically, Bree displays a maturity far beyond her age, with clever lyrics that reflect on the world around her.

“We drink warm champagne on the days we want to fly away”

I personally love this track, and I’ve had it on repeat since the first time I heard it (fun fact, it perfectly loops). There’s something special about Bree Rusev, and I can see her future being very bright.

If you’re looking for someone who has the same style of music as Ziggy Alberts (but isn’t problematic), I HIGHLY recommend checking out this wonderful young singer-songwriter.

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