SINGLE REVIEW // ‘i’m a f**king wreck’ – trials


The Ngarrindjeri artist ‘trials’ has just launched his first installment in a solo project that hopes to work with a range of domestic and international artists. Known for his trademark big beats, warm guitar and work with A.B. Original, trials is ready to release music under his own name. ‘i’m a fucking wreck was created in collaboration with Daniyel an up and coming artist from Portland, Oregon. The two began working together on Daniyel’s debut EP, MADISON HIGH. Despite the challenges of working across two continents in 2020 they continued to work online to bring this track to life.

The contrast between Daniyel’s self-deprecating lyrics and trials’ crisp production have created such a catchy sound. After accumulating nearly 9000+ Spotify streams in two days this track is yet another example of the potential that comes with talented Indigenous artists.

The vibrant music video featuring Daniyel was shot in LA, directed by Manny Madrigal and produced by Johnny Wong. Adorned with fun animations and hyper saturation Daniyel was able to showcase this song through his emotive lyrical delivery on top of trials’ big beats.

i’m a fucking wreck is an exciting introduction to this new project, set to include a diverse range of feature artists.

i’m a fucking wreck is available for streaming now.

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