SINGLE REVIEW // ‘Missify’ – Matahara


Matahara is back almost two months after her debut single “What a Waste” and she is thriving in her new track “Missify”. Matahara is the name for Melbourne via Jakarta musician and singer-songwriter, Marissa Yudinar. Just like ‘What a Waste’, ‘Missify’ was written when Matahara was 16 and recorded in producer – Michael Vince-Moin’s bedroom in March of this year. She has once again come through strong with this new track, showing her extensive musical talent and idiosyncratic sound. 

Her melodic, dreamy track instantly captivated me with its relaxed, easy going and enchanting aura. I am so impressed with Matahara’s ability to combine her soft, ethereal voice with the amazing sounds that make her music so unique. I loved the audio clips of people mixed in the background the track, as well as the electric guitar, so beautifully complimenting. I admire Matahara’s bubbly, exciting, summer sunset energy that she seems to engage in her songs no matter the context. 

Ultimately, we are seeing a more vulnerable and mellow side to Matahara while still maintaining her eccentric sound. I want to play this track loud out my windows on a summer roadtrip to the beach. It is so much fun and still bursting with life! 

There is such an avid and special uniqueness to Matahara. She is absolutely an artist to keep a watchful eye on, I know I will be! 

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