SINGLE REVIEW // ‘Towards The Sun’ – White Bonsai


White Bonsai‘ are an up-and-coming alt-rock band from Melbourne, and their new single ‘Towards the Sun’ is a pretty enjoyable track that gives off big Smashing Pumpkins and Hockey Dad vibes. This is the bands follow up single to their song ‘Shiver’ which was released back in March, and really shows the 4-piece group making music that not only sounds great, but also shows the band having the potential to do bigger things in the future.

‘Towards the Sun’ really takes the listener back to those classic Australian indie rock sounds right from the opening guitar riff. It’s a song that feels like you’d listen to whilst hanging with your mates in the summertime as it plays off someone’s speaker. The melody is really strong in the song too, which really reminded me a lot of Jet’s ‘Look What You’ve Done’ and Dinosaur Jr’s ‘Feel the Pain’; two songs that I personally really like, and so it was nice to hear something like that from a new and fresh-sounding band. The hook also gives off a big ‘1979’ Smashing Pumpkins sound, making for one of the best and most memorable parts of the song. The chorus itself is also really great, with the band’s frontman showing off some impressive vocals and lyrics.

Instrumentally, the song is also well played and makes for another strength to the song, really showing what White Bonsai are capable of doing as a band. It’s nothing too complicated during the verses, but I like that the band does go for something that sounds harder in the chorus, which works so well with the hook. The band also does a pretty sweet instrumental section after the second chorus, with drums that not only enhance the beat but also add a lot of energy to the song. The guitars also go fairly wild in this part, and they just keep going until the end of the song, making for a track that I’d honestly love to hear the band close a set with hopefully in the future.

If ‘Towards the Sun’ shows us anything about White Bonsai, it’s that the band are talented musicians with excellent influences. This is the type of song I want to see Triple J, Double J and Triple J Unearthed play a lot more of across the Australian airwaves. This is a song that is definitely worth a few listens, and a potential-filled band that I’d really recommend getting behind soon.

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