SINGLE REVIEW // ‘How Am I The Same?’ – Stream Lea


Stream Lea is the solo electronic project from Sydney Musician Joshua Engstrom. Releasing his newest single after a premiere at Deafen County, How Am I The Same? this track is a sonic massage that we all need right about now.

The track will transport you into a hypnotic state of synth and electronic drums, met by brilliant, stylistic vocals from Joshua. Some tracks you just fall in love with immediately, and it’s evident that How Am I The Same is one of these. With lyrics referencing insomnia, regret and introspection, lyrically, this strong as just as strong as the surreal, atmospheric instrumental.

I can image listening to this track driving through the city late at night, when everyone is asleep and you feel like you’re in a movie.

Although the track runs for just over five minutes, it simply doesn’t feel like enough. Not many people can pull off a track for a large length of time, but Stream Lea has and based off of this track, will again.

If you haven’t heard from Stream Lea before, you may recognise Joshua from his work in Ultracrush, a 5-piece band from Sydney. I highly recommend chucking this song in your playlists and just drifting away into the emotions that Stream Lea has created. Personally, I can’t wait to hear what else this phenomenal artist has up his sleeve.

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