ALBUM REVIEW // ‘Tainted Timeline’ – Sarah Jane


Sarah Jane is a singer-songwriter from Sydney, Australia who creates grunge and alternative rock music while also fronting her band The Violet Stones. She is well known for her impressive YouTube channel which has well over 200,000 subscribers and millions of views after creating such talented covers of her favourite songs and occasionally uploading some originals too. Her debut album was released last year and has been well received with her fans as it showcases her strong abilities as a solo artist. She is now smashing it out of the park with her second album “Tainted Timeline”, which includes 12 rad tracks.

Sleepwalking” is the first track on the album and is definitely a perfect start to kick everything off as it packs energy with the grungy vibes and pristine vocals combination that makes it perfectly catchy. “Cross Contaminate” starts off with the engaging sounds of a piano followed by a steady rhythm and soft vocals. The rhythm stays strong underneath these strong vocals and helps isolate them, making you focus on them and appreciate them. A notable acoustic guitar leads you into “August” which sounds like it should be featured in a melancholic movie. With an incredibly catchy chorus and great instrumentals, this track will be a favourite with fans for sure.

Control” is a 2 minute track that has a bit of energy with its deep guitar sounds, groovy rhythm section and great vocals while “Poison” is filled with moody guitar and gorgeous vocals that create a stunning track, definitely a highlight track and one of my favourites on the album especially towards the end when the fuzzed guitar kicks in and completes the song. “Rest” fills you up with a strange feeling of nostalgia. The quality lyrics and flawless vocals mesh perfectly with the guitar making this track another powerful stand out one.

Strong 90’s vibes and a catchy chorus in “Marry”, the 7th track on the album will definitely get stuck in your head from the first listen. The three minute track even though short, it is a very strong song as the fuzzed guitars come in and accompany the strong vocals.

Suffocate” is filled with soft instruments and well-written lyrics while “Bully” feels like a true grunge song with it’s rad guitar riffs, fuzzed guitars and powerful vocals. “The Kids” and “Talk About It” show more of the softer side of Sarah with the calming vocals and instruments but strong lyrics.

The last track on the album is titled “Cut My Teeth” and is a perfect way to end it as the track starts off somewhat soft but then crashes into heavier guitars that complete everything.

This album has everything you need from a solo artist, showcasing the instrumental talent and the strong vocals to the incredibly clever song writing.

This album is a perfect example of the talent that this artist has to offer. Her ability to create such captivating songs that really make an impression on listeners is outstanding. “Tainted Timeline” is an unforgettable album that is raw,  full of emotion and radiates 90’s grunge energy that is destined to catch your attention and will leave you wanting more. Make sure you check out the album and follow Sarah on socials to keep up to date with her projects.


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