EXCLUSIVE // The Grogans’ Favourite Surf Bands (Of All Time)

Just off their brand new release of ‘Got a Girl’, The Grogans took some time to chat to us about their favourite surf bands of all time and there’s certainly some interesting ones in there. Check out the bands, and the playlist below!

Hockey Dad – These guys have always been a pretty solid influence on us and our music. They’ve created a pretty amazing scene for themselves and for others to look up to and their music ability as a duo really inspires us to make some really big sounds and melodies.

Allah-Las – These guys just have a really unique sound that we can’t get enough of! Everything about their music inspires us from the tones of the guitars, the way they sing and just their songwriting. It’s a really great sound in our opinion and you don’t really hear much like it anymore.

The Beatles – Like many bands and songwriters, The Beatles are huge influences, same for us. Not only for the incredible songs they produce but we also really enjoy the experience of listening to their records, it’s almost too much to process, the shock wave they had on the world and the enormity of their music kind of freaks us out but at the same time intrigues us.  

The Pesos – The bands laid back approach to music really changed a lot with us as a collective. Even their production. It seems so lo – fi and old but it just heightens their lyrical and melodic content to make the music almost paint a picture of an era or time. Sometimes the lyrics are actually super heavy but the instruments seem a little more tame and relaxed. A band we all instantly fell in love with.

Pixies – The Pixies have such a unique and distinctive sound that binds a punky, surfy and alternative rock feel. The way they use loud – quiet dynamics in their songs is so simple yet so effective. They can have more acoustic side and the heavier side of rock which is really cool, and something that I think we try to do as well.

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