SINGLE REVIEW // ‘Away’ – Lo


Lo‘ has produced an absolute wonder of a single with this track “Away”. Lo is the solo project Lauren O’Hara who spent years touring with sister duo “Flossy” but felt it time to write and record her EP “Plan for an Independent Future” earlier this year. 

“Away” is an incredibly beautiful track that screams nostalgia. In my listening, I felt a strong sense of “I have been here before, I have felt this feeling” – I was not prepared to be captured so deeply in Lo’s aura. I could not help but fixate on the incredible lyrical journey she takes us on. I especially love: 

“I am yours even when I’m not, you captured me on the very first night” 

What an incredibly intimate experience fuelled with love, pain, and a whirlwind of emotion. I adored the simplicity of the electric guitar in the background that subtly complimented Lo’s powerful words. I could not compliment this track more. Lo is powerful in her every move. Her words are strong, and her sound is exclusively hers. I am so excited to hear more from Lo and already being a pre-existing fan, I am always so excited and eager to hear more. So, sit down with a cup of coffee by the window and watch the rain fall to “Away”. It will truly take you to another place.

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