SINGLE REVIEW // ‘Fired Up’ – DZ Deathrays

Credit: Yasmin Suteja (Photography) + Michelle Vincze (Collage)


Fired Up‘ is the latest single from Brisbane’s post-punk/hard rock trio, ‘DZ Deathrays’. They have been making a name for themselves across Triple J over the last decade with a stack of killer albums, high energy bangers and an endless amount of live shows. Their most recent album, Positive Rising: Part 1, was released just over a year ago and became a personal favourite LP for me in 2019; and given the title, fans knew that there was going to be more music like this coming soon.

This new single is the first release from their upcoming 2021 album, Positive Rising: Part 2, and with it being a direct follow up, Fired Up carries on a lot of the similar vibes to what we heard on Part 1, but instead of being a direct copy of the previous songs, it feels like it’ll be more of a spiritual sequel and continue with the sounds and ideas, according to numerous other sources.

Fired Up really lives up to the title, giving off a big anthemic sound that just keeps increasing in energy throughout the song. Whilst not quite as big in sound compared to previous DZ Deathrays songs like ‘Gina Works at Heartsor ‘Shred for Summer, it is still filled with a chorus that is nothing short of epic, and a hook that is guaranteed to catch the ears of every listener, the track builds up in the just-over-three-minute runtime. Vocally, Shane (the band’s frontman) really delivers in the choruses, belting out the lyrics that will get a live audience ready to thrash their hair around for.

The guitars are as fun and crunchy as you’d expect from a DZ Deathrays song, as they drive the verses, and also soar along with the chorus. The high-energy drums drive the momentum all throughout, and I think this is possibly the first song from the band to include a piano near the start of the song. The song also sounds pretty great production-wise, especially when everything comes together really nicely in the choruses and bridge.

If Fired Up is an indication of what Positive Rising: Part 2 will be like, then consider myself keen for the rest of the album. This single continues on the sound and vibe that listeners heard on Part 1 in a really great way. With a catchy and memorable chorus and solid shredding instrumentals, fans of DZ Deathrays are going to be pumped to hear this track, even if it isn’t as heavy as their older material.

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