SINGLE REVIEW // ‘Wild Bitch’ – Vali Woods


If you’re looking for some badass female hip hop that isn’t American, check out Vali Woods’ new single ‘Wild Bitch’. It’s a track that I’d put in the category of recent hit song WAP, it’s intense but definitely a track to scream in the car. A hip hop/ rap track that empowers females to be confident within themselves (that whole, strong independent female; don’t need no man, type of vibe)

“Wild Bitch is not interested in being defined, she’s only concerned with defining herself. She’s not afraid to be seen in her mess, in her most raw and vulnerable moments.”

Vali Woods

Vali Woods is an LA born, Melbourne-based hip hop artist who isn’t afraid to speak up in a male-dominated industry. Wild Bitch certainly showcases this; a track that is met by Vali’s, high levels of energy and powerful lyrics. It’s definitely a track that isn’t for the faint hearted though, and certainly needs a strong language warning.

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