INTERVIEW // Sampson: On ‘Closer’, Inspiration and Live Shows


Recently, Temporary Dreamer got to have a chat to Sampson, an up and coming rock band, about all things

So you’ve just come off stage after your first show how do you feel?

Brendon:  Very sweaty very sweaty

Sam: It was fun

Matt: It was so fun

Joel: We feel pretty good. It’s nice to be playing live music

Where did you band meet?

Matt: We all met in high school, so everyone, minus Sam met in high school. Then I think after Year 12 Brendon moved to America then came back to Australia, then we all met Sam on campus at UNSW.

What is the inspiration behind your new song?

Daniel: Well lyrically, it’s kind of, the line “I think I’m getting closer I don’t know”, its kind of like the pressure to feel like on top of things, or like have stuff together, and kind of feeling like I owe it to people in my life to have it together. But, um yeah. So that’s like the general gist, as ambiguous as that sounds. Like I think that it’s a pretty universal thing.

Brendon: Take what you want out of it haha!

Matt: I think I produced it just after a camping trip, so I think it was like a wholesome vibe and like those chords just like came out really nicely in my head.

Daniel: Someone recently said that it was like summer being outside, but not necessarily the beach you know.

Matt: This was out in young so..

Joel: Grassy fields, running through the dandelions. Haha!

Out of all the songs you perform what’s your favourite?

Brendon: I recon falling probably, just because I get to play like a more funky beat with this whole like indie rock beat. And I actually get to hear the drum tricket so that’s nice

Daniel: Falling is probably my least favourite (the band laughs)

Sam: I reckon running away, good old rock jam

Daniel: We indulge ourselves in running away

Matt: Is it bad if I say a cover?

All: yeahh

Daniel: Haha our favourite song is not our own

Joel: Running away we haven’t played in a while but it’s like changed a lot I guess, so it never gets old, we’ve changed around a few instrumentals so that it stays fresh.

Matt: It’s like a 7-minute song too

What musicians inspire your music or what music do you take inspiration from?

Daniel: I feel like for Sampson two big ones would be bit obviously bit more Psychedelic like Tame Impala or Methyl Ethyl. I mean certainly for me I really love those bands

Matt: I feel like it’s very close to almost plagiarism so we might try to steer clear. But um I think especially for the latest song I think even people like Kanye was like just trying to use samples and a bit more of a hiphop beat which is something different then a rock band would do. But it was kind of fun to produce I think everything ourselves in a more unique way then someone else would typically do in a studio. But yeah I think Kanye even like Tyler the creator, anyone else?

Joel: I think like a few others like with like falling we had sort of like a more bedroom pop kind of vibe

Matt: Dave Lewis

Joel: And then like middle kids with ‘If I told you I lied’

Daniel: All great bands

What’s your best live show memory?

Daniel: We were just talking about it before, and for me, I remember after we released our first song we played a show at the captain cook hotel. We played a bunch of our first gigs there.  I remember singing but I could hear everyone else singing the lyrics cos they new the song, which was crazy like I almost felt like I should stop singing and just let them sing it.

Brendon: I recon like the Chippendale hotel as well was probably the best one. It was the release for our last EP, and was probably one of the bigger shows we’ve played.

Sam: We had some technical difficulties, but we ended up turning that into a hectic cover.

Matt: Oh yeah, we literally just ended up covering rex orange county for half a song.

Daniel: We just felt like there were so many people there, and the energy was so good we couldn’t do anything wrong… just by doing heaps of stuff wrong haha!

If your new song was a colour, what would it be and why?

Daniel: Yellow! Cause I like yellow and I like the song. I think yellow kind of feels positive/content for me and the lyrics are kind of about being okay in the big picture, which is being content with your situation. It’s all about perspective. Yellow is perspective.

Matt: Like an orangy pink because I wrote it after a camping trip and I remember watching a sunset with a bunch of super close friends, and I feel like the song at least sonically is trying to encapsulate that moment of just feeling content, and longing for these friendships to continue for a long time.

Jacqui: Thank you so much for your time, are you excited for your next show?

Daniel: Yeah hopefully a bit looser.

Brendon: A bit tighter as well.

Sam: Bit looser, bit tighter.

Jacqui: Cool! Thank you!

Band: Thanks Jacqui!

Check out the live show review and gallery here:

LIVE SHOW GALLERY + REVIEW // Sampson + Coconut Cream (The Lansdowne Hotel, Sydney)

Their personalities really gave me a sense of how genuine the band is. Sitting in the greenroom, before the band went onstage, I noted their chill presence as they joke “we don’t really have a before show ritual aye” they laugh as they calmly walk onstage ready to perform.

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