LIVE SHOW GALLERY + REVIEW // Sampson + Coconut Cream (The Lansdowne Hotel, Sydney)


On the 18th of October, Psychedelic rock band ‘Sampson‘ Played two shows at the Lansdowne hotel celebrating their single launch. Supported by talented ‘Coconut Cream‘ the bands had a stellar show and really displayed how to put on an amazing show- COVID 19 style.

When I first met them I was overwhelmed by how kind and calm they were- it’s nothing short of what tone their music reflects, and speaks volumes about the authenticity of the band. Their personalities really gave me a sense of how genuine the band is. Sitting in the greenroom, before the band went onstage, I noted their chill presence as they joke “we don’t really have a before show ritual aye” they laugh as they calmly walk onstage ready to perform.

Their 5 piece band captivated the audience. A bunch of mates, enjoying themselves and doing what they love created an aura, mesmerising the audience as they played their psychedelic tunes.

What a brilliant show it was to watch! So wholesome. Friends, lovers, family; their diverse audience head bobbed and sung along throughout the show. Talking to the audience, within the small venue it was an inclusive show. This was the first COVID show I’ve been too but I can honestly say Sampson really highlights what it’s like to put on a good show, no matter the restrictions. I could sense every audience member felt noticed and valued, which is overlooked at larger shows. This was so refreshing to see.

Performing their classics like ‘If I Told You I Lied’ and banger ‘Oh Wonder’ they also included a cover of methyl ethyl’s ‘Ubu’ to which the audience raised the roof through their yelling of the lyrics. While performing it was fun and playful, every band member was just straight up vibing and enjoying themselves. The band had just a naturally cool stage presence.

In between their two shows of the night, I caught up with the Sampson band members; Brendon, Sam, Daniel, Matt and Joel for an interview.

Check it out below:

INTERVIEW // Sampson: On ‘Closer’, Inspiration and Live Shows

I remember singing but I could hear everyone else singing the lyrics cos they new the song, which was crazy like I almost felt like I should stop singing and just let them sing it.

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