SINGLE REVIEW // ‘It’s All Connected’ – Andy Bull


Australian alt-pop artist Andy Bull is back after a long hiatus with a brand new single “It’s All Connected”. It’s been six years since his latest release “Sea of Approval”, an album that was a big success on Triple J, with three of the singles placing in the 2013 and 2014 Hottest 100’s, as well as the album scoring three ARIA nominations for best pop release, best breakthrough artist, and engineer of the year.

With such a long break between releasing new music, it was hard to anticipate what Bull would do with a new music, and with personally being a big fan of his songs including “Keep on Running” and “Talk Too Much”, I was excited to see how these would be followed up. Thankfully though, “It’s All Connected” is a great synth-drenched pop banger, making for a comeback single that delivered on all the expectations.

Right from the start, “It’s All Connected” brings a nostalgic pop sound that is not only enjoyable, but also is a groovy treat for the ears. Bull’s smooth vocals sound the best they’ve ever been, and they make for a big driving force behind the song. Lyrically, “It’s All Connected” is all about the hope and longing of being better with yourself as you try to change your life, which is something that is going to be really relatable for the listener after the year that we’ve been having, and Bull does this really well in the track. I particularly like the rhetoric questions in the chorus, as well as the unconventional structure like in “Keep on Running”:

“Am I talking to myself?

Is this for real?

Or will always be forever talking to myself;

Is this for real or will always be?”

Sonically, this single reminds me a lot of other artists including Pond and Everything Everything; with the nicely layered instrumentals that sound loud, clear and are all capture the nostalgic-pop style that Bull is known for. Creating the song with a four-track cassette recorder, I personally found a really similar vibe to the classic Beach Boys album “Pet Sounds”, which probably one of the biggest compliments I can give the single.

Whether you were someone who has been listening to Bull for years, or if this is your first introduction to his music, “It’s All Connected” is an absolute groove-filled bop that you need to need to listen to. With some of Bull’s best vocals, great and relatable lyrics, and fantastic production, it’s the welcomed return from a beloved artist that lives up to the hype. I really like this new song, and I’m keen to see what he is going to do in the future.

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