BOYSCLUB‘ are an incredibly intimidating band, they are poignant, powerful and exceptionally gifted musicians. Following the release of earlier Singles “She, the atrocity” and “lovesick” they have dropped another explosive track in “Villains”. Similar to the other two releases they have masterfully created a song that is both relatable to many and all around a cracking tune to listen to. 

The track explores the volatile and  tumultuous side of some relationships.  The song emphasises how appealing something can look from the outside but how it can quickly unravel in to something else entirely. Villains plays on the idea that we can sometimes desperately cling to people and become placed in situations that are unhealthy. It explores a fundamental  part of  the human experience and is engaging with the feeling  that ‘we cannot exist without an element of chaos but at times this can escalate beyond what is healthy and good for our well being’.

The chorus to this track is a vortex dragging you down, forcing your engagement with the emotion of the track. The song overall is a deep pull of lyrics forged together by a whirlwind of furious energetic punk rock. The video is reminiscent of cult classic ‘The Craft‘, and exudes power which further commands BOYSCLUB as defiers of the norm; those out to push boundaries and demolish the systems that hold them back.  BOYSCLUB has come to dismantle every oppressive system, to enlighten you, to empower you and to amplify the voices of those who aren’t always heard. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next.

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