PREMIERE // ‘Smile My Way’ – Indigo Bloom


No strangers to the Newcastle Music Scene, Indigo Bloom have caused quite a stir. Supporting acts including Trophy Eyes, Luca Brasi and Towns, and with two EPs under their belt already, the five-piece band are back at it again with ‘Smile My Way‘.

“It seems like a lot of people in our generation would rather just ‘pass the time’ then take a chance on someone, missing out on what could have been. This song is about taking those chances.”

Bradley Mott

The track has a comforting alternative rock sound to it, it’s something familiar to come back to. It’s the sort of track that makes you feel infinite screaming it with your best mates at a gig. With a sound that is almost ‘anthemic’, I can see this track being a big song for a lot of people. For fans of Johnny Hunter, Trophy Eyes or that late 90s/ early 2000s alt rock sound, this one is a definite add to any playlist.

Once again, Indigo Bloom are showing us just what they can do, and Smile My Way is a homage to the talent of the band. I can’t wait to get the chance to scream along to this one at the next Indigo Bloom gig. Check out the track for the first time below:


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