EP REVIEW // ‘Anywhere’ – Hey Jan


Hey Jan is a fresh and local band to the Newcastle music scene; supplying a new sound with the release of their promising EP. The four-piece act takes you on a beautiful, mellow journey, taking your attention away from everything other than their music.  

From the very first song ‘Shades of Blue’, the band set the scene of a crowded bar with soft melodic music; putting the listener in a trance ready for the groovy journey this EP takes you on. Throughout out the entirety of the Anywhere EP; Hey Jan supply smooth, jazz melodies with strong intense rhythms. Keeping you hanging on every last note for more. 

Each and every song tells a different story but supplies the audience with the same strong consistent sound of Hey Jan. I feel serenity whilst listening to each and every one, almost as if I am put into a trance by the smooth jazz.

In their third song Hello January, the song sets the vibe for a more tranquil and calming setting. The vocals become the major instrument; hearing the power in each note and lyric. This song really puts my entire body and mind at ease as I find myself lost into the music whist listening.

The final song off the Anywhere EP is by far my favourite. Going by the title Easily, this song has a real kick to it; creating the listener craving to just get up and groove to the music. The vocals in this song really stand out for me keeping the timing and sound of the song alive. With the harmonies so immensely strong, chorus so catchy and up-beat, this would definitely be something amazing to see live.

Overall I find this a really impressive and beautiful EP from the fresh band; providing a different and funky sound to the music scene. I am really excited to watch as a listener and supporter of this band to see how they will grow. Their latest EP is able to be found on streaming site and information on the bands local shows are able to be found via their Instagram @heyjanband.




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