LIVE SHOW GALLERY + REVIEW // Fangz + A Swift Farewell + Grenade Jumper (The Factory Theatre)


What can I say, A Swift Farewell was an absolutely incredible start to the night. The 4 piece from Sydney are a combination of fast paced  pop punk covered in a buttery layer of silky smooth vocals. Vocalist Emma Mather is a bit of a dark horse. As she steps on stage she has such a calm presence but don’t mistake that for nerves, as soon as she opens her mouth you are hit with a wave of sultry yet powerful vocals.

They delivered a set full of punchy riffs, riveting bass lines and pop punk percussion. The overall feel of the band isn’t quite pop punk, they sit in a very unique space. The music itself is undeniably pop punk but I kept thinking about the vocals and they just add a layer of beauty and complexity that is rarely observed in traditional pop punk. The performance was undeniably explosive, the whole band were energetic and genuinely seemed to be enjoying their set. 

Grenade Jumper are just phenomenal. I don’t know where to start. I am a huge fan of this band. They are powerful and exude confidence in their music and performance. They own the stage, the music and the whole room. From the second they walk on stage they are an absolute force to be reckoned with. This is Pop Punk at its finest. I love Pop punk music and have to say it is probably the thing I listen to most so it is very exciting to see such an exceptional Pop Punk band come out of Sydney. Traditional and catchy riffs flood their music and make them a band you want to hear on repeat. This band is a hype band, this is the kind of stuff you listen to, to get ready, to get energised. Their set was fun and left me wanting more. I was a little disappointed when it ended, I would have happily had them play another 2 songs or, 10. They have some punchy stage moves, very high energy which makes them a fun watch. If you haven’t heard them or seen them, clear your calendar for their next performance and you won’t regret it. 

Fangz. Full stop. The End. 

What can you even say about Sydney’s favourite band? I mean these guys had a show to launch a Hot Sauce and then had it served with Bloody Mary’s, what do I write about them. I want to say so much, while simultaneously having absolutely no words. Going to a Fangz Show is like going to a family gathering, everyone turns up for these legends and it isn’t just because they are the nicest four people you will probably ever meet, it is also because they just happen to write some really great music and then deliver it in the most chaotic manner possible during their live shows. Vocalist Josh Cottreau is pure power in every way, he is a layered mix of intangible confidence. He walks out for every show and knows he is going to own the stage. This unwavering self-assured attitude makes him one of the most captivating performers you will see.

Jameel Majam on bass is the added spice to this band’s Hot Sauce. Aside from being an exceptional musician his humour, wit and warmth are what make Fangz one of the most likeable and watchable bands in Sydney. Sam Sheumack on guitar is oddly enough to say, a joy to watch.  He is dreads and sweat flying, he is back bends and  he also smiles a good 98% of the time. Woodie on drums  (who’s name I literally can not find anywhere) is aptly a little like the enigma of the band. An untouchable backbone, if you manage to look past the chaos upfront he is a truly fearsome drummer – when you sit back and watch him, he manages to be both precise and elegant while playing punk rock.

When you scratch the surface of Fangz there is an undeniable duality to them, they are a band for good times, their music is fun, catchy and you could play it just about anywhere to get a group of people hyped. Then when you cut through all of that you are met with four brilliant musicians writing music that is sharp and poignant. Lyrically these songs aren’t just run of the mill party songs, they chronicle the little aspects, various pitfalls and the struggles of life. To be able to present as a party band; the band you go to see to have a good time and to be curating musical content to the calibre they are, is a true testament to their skill and talent, it also marks them as a band that can not be underestimated. Fangz and their Hot Sauce mean business. 

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