EXCLUSIVE // Everything You Need To Know About The Grogans

How did The Grogans become The Grogans?

Quin and I (Gus) have known each other for a while now. We played soccer together when we were younger and always kept in touch after that. We went to separate schools but in Year 9 we started hanging out heaps more, skating, surfing and going to parties together and stuff like that. We also started jamming a bit here and there too, giong busking sometimes and playing at each other’s houses mainly, nothing serious.

Then in Year 11 Jordy moved to Quin’s school and they started playing music at school together. Quin always told me, “You gotta meet this new Jordy kid, he’s a classic and SHREDS on the drums!”. Finally Jordy and I met at an 18th and we all hung out all night talking about music and we all clicked easily! Rest was history!

How would you describe the sound of The Grogans?

We try to make 60s and 70s inspired surf rock but love to experiment with heavier fuzz driven tracks and also acoustic mellow tracks 

Is there any one particular artist what inspires The Grogans?

A lot of early Tame Impala has inspired us a whole heap with our guitar tones, especially with fuzz and distortion. The production on our records is so different to Kevin Parker’s, but it still is such a huge part of our inspiration to this day. I remember meeting Jordy in school and him telling me about this one show he went to when he was younger at festival hall in Melbourne, explaining it was just wild. Always wanted to see them since. Further back we all have takin a whole heap of inspiration from people muddy waters, Taj Mahal, BB King and a bunch of other blues heavy weights.   

Your latest single ‘Got A Girl’ was released last month and your Album ‘Day / To Day/’ has just arrived, how did it get started?

‘Got A Girl’ was written during isolation in Melbourne. Quin and Jordy just sent me a little iphone demo of the song and it sounded sick! When restrictions eased and we could all play together we started getting a solid structure for the song and we went down to Ocean Grove to record it. It wasn’t a very lengthy process recording that song because we kind of knew the sound we were looking for and we all just got our different tones and different parts sorted and it all fit real well!

Do you have a favourite track on the album?

I Really like ‘Takin’ it Easy’. It’s a really different sounding track but cruises along nicely. It accurately represents what we do when we aren’t working. The ending really opens up and there is heapssssss of group vocals which we love doing in the studio because 90% of them are just us laughing after a couple beers. 

If you could perform with any music artist, Alive or Dead, who would you choose? And why? 

That’s a really hard question. There are way too many to choose from but I think Muddy Waters would be sick! We all really love playing Blues and think Muddy Waters’ songs are legendary. I feel there’s also a lot of space for interpretation in his songs that we could add our own little feel to the performance.

Long term, where do you hope to be with The Grogans?

We just want to continue to play bigger tours and write music as much as we can. We love playing live and we also love diving into record making, it’d be cool to never stop that

We really want to just keep growing and having fun with it. We’ll always be serious about our music but we just want to keep enjoying what we do and not take anything too seriously. We want to just keep working the way we are writing and playing as much as we can. We’d love to start playing some more festivals and more interstate shows so that’s definitely something we are working towards and doing more of.

What do you love the most about  performing to a live audience and what’s been a highlight so far?

Playing live is our favourite thing to do. We feed off the reaction the audience gives us and it makes us so much more energetic in our stage presence and the way we play. Ultimately we just love playing together on stage and locking in with each other. 

Lastly, what’s up next for The Grogans?

It’s a bit hard to say at this certain point in time. Obviously covid has messed up our plans a bit but everyone’s in the same boat and we’re just rolling with it and doing the best we can. Hopefully we’ll start getting a heap of shows in and can play interstate a fair bit too! We’re always writing too. Not promising anything but we’d be keen to drop more tunes next year when we can!

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