Another Sunday, Another Sunday Setlist at the Factory theatre. What an epic afternoon lineup with Bruise Pristine, We are Not Robots, Lucid Hoops and the formidable BOYSCLUB absolutely rocking the Main room in the afternoon session.

I saw Bruise Pristine not long ago, in an intimate stripped back set. It was exciting to see them plugged in, fully loaded and playing on a much bigger stage. This band consistently delivers an intimidatingly moody and confronting set. The effect of this band transcends just their music, there is a raw power that bounces between members. A quiet unwavering confidence, they own whatever stage they stand on, delivering their precision written tracks. This band also curates their sets wonderfully; they take you with them through the set – you are at their whim.

We Are Not Robots are undeniably an impressive band with a sound so full you feel it in your ears, your chest and even a little in your bones. From the moment they sauntered on to the stage at the Factory Theatre on Sunday, they delivered a set that was full to the brim of high energy rock. This is delicately created rock. Often in this genre it is overlooked how artistically creative the musicians are, people hear the full sound and forget to step back and look at the masterpiece in finer detail. We Are Not Robots, write intricate heartfelt lyrics intertwined with raw and bouncing melodies.

Chaos. Pure, unadulterated, chaotic perfection. That is the only way to describe Lucid Hoops. I was captivated by the energy, movement and the music of this band. If you don’t get caught up in the members energised movements on stage you will be wrapped with soaring vocals and explosivity of the music. This band is joy, this band is the first bite of watermelon on a 38 Degree day. Their wild sound is so enthralling, the energy from this band can be felt by everybody in the room. Beyond the energy is a set of incredibly skilled musicians, with all of the energy whizzing around the stage they still perform with precision and excellence.

I really don’t know where to start with BOYSCLUB. I didn’t think anyone on earth could impress and intimidate me more than Skarlett Saramore (Drums), but if you just add three more powerful, talented and creative individuals you create one fearsome band.

This is punk.

It is honest, relentless and draws both social criticism and reflection. The type of music that makes you sit back and think about the world around you. There is no higher purpose in music. I highly commend BOYSCLUB, who have only played two shows and yet are already writing and delivering such highly enigmatic performances. Drawing on personal experiences, they have written music fit for modern times. This music demands consumption. The emotion in the song, will suck you in.

These are four high energy performers with brooding intensity; watching them is a little like staring in to the sun, you can’t watch anyone member for too long – you become enchanted by their presence, their conviction. The band saunters, swaggers and owns the stage. This set was explosive, heated, emotional and at one point involved no pants and a bare ass.

With powerful vocals, socially relevant lyrics and a huge sound BOYSCLUB are the spark your 2020 needs.

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