EXCLUSIVE // Hot Donnas’ Ultimate Fight Movies of All Time

Fresh off their brand new album ‘Adventures of E-Wan’ the boys from Hot Donnas sat down to run us through their ultimate fight movies of all time (that fits perfectly with the music video for Two Brains). Check out what they had to say and let us know your thoughts!

Rush Hour

This movie probably sums up the Two Brains video the best. Rush Hour is very light hearted and is more of a comedy as opposed to a fighting movie.  That is the approach we wanted to go with in our music video. 

Million Dollar Baby

One of our favourite fight movies is Million Dollar Baby. This movie is an emotional roller coaster and certainly pushes the tear ducts to the extreme. In this movie, the main character who is a promising boxer ends up paralysed as a result of foul play. Luckily both Eddie and Jake came out of the video shoot injury free. This movie is drama filled and well worth a watch. Clint Eastwood also features, and any movie with him in it is a must.

Fight Club

Arguably one of the greatest flicks of all time, it would be pretty rude not to include Fight Club in this list. If you’ve never seen it, it follows the life of an insomniac struggling to comprehend modern day life, in particular the consumerism that dominates the world we live in. If you know any of us boys, in particular oru drummer George, it’s fair to say we somewhat avoid the consumerist lifestyle. You’ll quite honestly see George in the exact same clothes that you saw him in 2 weeks prior, whether they’ve been washed is questionable. 

Raging Bull

Raging bull is a staple classic boxing movie of all time and it definitely influenced the way we shot our fighting scenes during the 2Brains music video. The way they use their film techniques are relatively similar to ours examples being the face on shots within the ring. What I love about this movie is how gruesome it is and the amount of hits Jake LaMotta can take to the face while still being able to stand. 



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