SINGLE REVIEW // ‘Not For The Weekend’ – The Lulu Raes


Sydney indie-rock band The Lulu Raes are back with a new single ‘Not For The Weekend’. It’s a song that has arrived just in time for Summer; a perfect song to soundtrack casual parties with friends, or those trips to the beach on the hotter days in the coming months.

The Lulu Raes are a band I’ve been into for a while now, with tracks like Burnout’, ‘Never Leave’ and ‘Things Change’ always being a pleasure to listen to, and so it feels good to have new music from the five-piece band. ‘Not For The Weekend’ is a pretty joyful sounding song that gives off a big Grouplove vibe with the opening riff, as well as a track that reminds me of Electric Light Orchestra’s banger ‘Mr. Blue Sky’.

The reverb-filled vocals drive the song pretty nicely, along with the lead guitar. It’s one of those songs that just fills a room with positive energy, especially with the catchy beat that is definitely going to get the crowd dancing at a future gig (when it’ll be allowed to do so). The bass riff really adds a lot to the song as well, giving the single a deeper and fuller sound. Production-wise, it’s a pretty colourful sounding song, which is really what you would want from a song like this.

The chorus to the track is also pretty catchy with everything coming together really nicely. It has a familiar style to ‘Drive It Like You Stole It’ from the 2016 film Sing Street, giving off a big radiant and youthful feeling. The familiarity in the overall sound also works in favour of the song, creating that classic feeling for the listener. The tune is definitely one that will get stuck with you for a while, and that’s a good thing considering that the melody does have a positive vibe to it.

There really is a lot to like about ‘Not For The Weekend’ because it is such a fun and great song from an amazing band. It’s a banger that people should be playing over the next few months, whether they’re with their friends at the beach, at a pool party over the new year’s period or simply just needing something to lift their mood. I’m keen to see what The Lulu Raes do next, and hopefully catch them at a live show soon.

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