PREMIERE // ‘LSD Chimpanzee’ – Martom

Image By Tara Campbell


The debut single from Sydney band ‘Martom’ is finally here, and it’s even better than anyone could expect. ‘LSD Chimpanzee’ is the first that we’ve heard from the emerging band consisting of Martin Atencio, Chris Modderno and Tomas Somera II, however, it easily shows the world that Martom aren’t here to mess around; they’re here to make great music and challenge expectations.

Martom met in high school back in 2008 and had been playing in different iterations of the band up until early 2020, when they finally solidified the trio.

LSD Chimpanzee was inspired by a group of scientists in the 1970’s who gave acid to a chimpanzee, as they wanted to observe the interactions it had in the wild (Yep, that actually happened), and if that doesn’t convince you to give the track a listen, I don’t know what will!

This is the sort of track that will make you reconsider how you see the world, it’ll challenge your thoughts and make you drift away into a state, concentrating on nothing but this song.

“I hope you find your peace, I hope I find my peace”

We’re fortunate enough to be premiering the track right now, here on Temporary Dreamer. If you’re a fan of Alt-J, Rex Orange County or just want a new go-to track, I highly recommend this one.

Check Out Martom:

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