SINGLE REVIEW // ‘Every Time You’re Here (I’m Gone) – Luca Brasi

Image by Nick Green


Legendary punk rock band Luca Brasi kill it with every release and their brand new track ‘Every Time You’re Here (I’m Gone)‘ is just showcasing that. The track is about the important people in life and is a reminder that life flashes by so you should stop and let people know how important they are .

The Tassie band consists of Tyler Richardson, Thomas Busby, Patrick Marshall, and Danny Flood, These guys are a force to be reckoned with their flawless talent and amazing songs. This new track is taken from their fifth album, Everything is Tenuous which is out 12th February and comes after their 2018 album Stay.

This track feels like a warm summers night before sunset, driving around and blasting it out of the car stereo. Hard hitting, steady drum beats followed by pop punk guitar chords that hit you and make you become hooked before the strong lyrics and sweet vocals come in, transforming this song into a melodic masterpiece. The chorus is so catchy that you will be screaming along to the lyrics and air drumming to the beat. As a whole, this track radiates such strong energy and I love that – the instruments are incredible and the melody will always get stuck in your head.

This band do not ever disappoint and I’m sure that fans will be excited to hear the new album in February. The track is engaging and strong which is a good indicator that the new album will be the same. It’s always good to see bands from Tassie getting recognition as they have so much talent down there that doesn’t go noticed. If you haven’t listened to this melodic rock track then do yourself a favour and listen to it!

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