LIVE SHOW GALLERY + REVIEW // Creo + TILD (The Lansdowne)


Another boring Thursday night calls for the perfect opportunity for a great night of live music and what better way to do that than having two talented bands play great sets at the Lansdowne. Sydney band CREO used this opportunity to have a single launch for their brand new track “Demon To Love” – which is definitely a great track by the way.

It was dark upstairs of the venue as everyone took their seats and watched as TILD took to the stage for the first show of the night as the low, red lights shone over the band. As soon as they started to play, I could tell this was going to be good. Their songs went hard and were gritty and grungy which I loved. They had excellence stage presence as they played through their hard hitting songs. I was amazed at how hard these guys rocked and especially loved their new track which is set to be released next year – the riffs were catchy and the vocals were great. It was definitely a good idea to get TILD to start the night off.

When headliner CREO took the stage, they started off with a slower song that sent chill vibes throughout the air. The vocals were strong and they engaged the audience – the band then all came in together and it was mind blowing as the sounds of the drums crashed in alongside sick guitars and strong bass. Their sound to me is a mixture of indie and rock & roll as they create a unique rock sound that makes them great and stand out. CREO played through their set with catchy songs and a lot of energy.

All in all, it was a great performance from both bands and definitely one hell of a night.

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