SINGLE REVIEW // ‘We Are Fine’ – Holly Hebe

Words by Isabella Ross

Holly Hebe has blessed our ears once again with her second release for 2020 We Are Fine. When she isn’t in her study writing/producing she can be found sharing her beautiful voice with friends in the park. We Are Fine arrived at the end of lockdown in Melbourne, reminding us that after so many weeks locked away the trivial hiccups of day to day life are not out of arms reach.

This track is introduced with some quiet bird sounds and a little musing on the piano which becomes the foundation of We Are Fine. Throughout the track Holly contrasts crisp vocals with blown out and distorted sounds to create a textured depth. Additional layers of percussion add to the tangible atmosphere created in this track.

“Nobody can get hurt when nothing is a fact” is a haunting lyric sung in a delicate voice that will catch you off guard. Holly’s groovy rhythm and playful production sound like a more refined take on her debut Sink. Complimented by the PictoChat video on Spotify as well as the colourful collaged artwork We Are Fine oozes a subtle nostalgia for the memories we are now creating.

Holly’s angelic sound reminds me of Chelsea Warner, Odette and Arlo Parks. Fans of neo-soul, angelic voices and young Australian talent; We Are Fine is for you.

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