EXCLUSIVE // Kingswood’s Favourite Christmas Traditions

With a brand new Christmas Album under their belt, the boys from Kingswood let us know their favourite Christmas traditions.

1. Crackling, it’s all about preparing the perfect crackling, and if you succeed, it is talked about for years to come, “remember uncle Tony’s 2012 crackling?” “Oh yeah that was a ripper.” To fail, to burn it or produce a non crispy crackling is shameful, and you may never be allowed a second attempt. 

2. PK, we can’t talk about Christmas without talking about Paul Kelly’s ‘How to make Gravy’, my brother and I sing this together and replace some names in the song with some of our family members. There are a lot of sing’a’longs at my Christmas, there are many musos so everyone has a few new songs ready each year and we play long into the night, usually around a fire.

3. Cricket, wherever we are we must play cricket. Now that I’m thinking about it believe playing cricket having a beer with the gang is one of my favourite things to do. I have big family with lots of cousins and we are all close so it can get pretty epic.

4. Help with the dishes, now if Mum reads this she’ll bring up the many years that I did not help, I recall my defence being that she and my uncle and aunties love doing all the dishes cos its their time to catch up. But I’ve leaned to appreciate the hard work that goes into putting on a Christmas do, so if you’re reading this, do the bloody dishes.

5. Pretending to like Pudding. One of the elderly always make pudding and set it alight and we all go “wooooow” and then it gets cut up and we all get given a slice and you smile and say “this is delicious, best one I’ve ever had” and it goes on and on, its cyclical, never-ending, pudding pudding pudding, gross.

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