EXCLUSIVE // Tracks That Inspired ‘Jacobus’ – Voodoo Bloo

Track by track commentary:

Holland, 1945 (Neutral Milk Hotel): This track was a very big influence (hell, even this whole album) on how I’m currently writing and how I was during the creation process of Jacobus. There’s something that feels so magical about Jeff Mangums song-writing, and it’s always captivated me in it’s simplistic yet rich sound. Sometimes less is more, and I think that’s exactly what lesson in songwriting this track provides me with.

953 (Black Midi): On the complete opposite side of the spectrum to Holland, we have the intro track off of my favorite album from 2019, Schlagenheim. The pure chaos and abrasive sound definitely played a part in tracks like “A brother, A son, A war that never changes” and “Handfoot” (which we released alongside MMA earlier this year). 

1049 Gotho (Idles): Lyrically, this track is exactly what Jacobus is about, the pure depths of your head, and the heads of those around you. It puts depression in a different light, and though simplistic in nature, explains how very very different it can be from peer to peer.

I Am The Sun (Swans): A great post-rock banger. This style of music that Swans were doing in the 90’s really captivated me during the writing phase of this album, due to its erratic, haunting sounds while still being able to captivate the listener so effortlessly. The great annihilator is a truly harrowing experience, and this track captures the energy of it in its entirety.

Denmark/Van Gogh And Gone (Psychedelic Porn Crumpets): This honestly has become one of my favorite songs of all time. PPC absolutely hit it out of the park with High Visceral Parts 1 & 2, and every time I revisit them they never cease to amaze me. The psychedelic realm this track sends you to is truly beautiful, I’ve never been able to visualise a song so clearly upon listening to it, and it’s one of the prettiest pictures I’ve ever seen.

Atmosphere (Joy Division): Another one that is so simplistic in nature, yet so captivating in its storytelling. I won’t pretend I’m a huge fan of Joy Division, but this is a track my mum would always play in the car and for some reason it just stuck with me, the slow build and release of the track is a structure I’ve fallen in love with over time.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled (Queens Of The Stone Age): A truly suave sounding song, you can almost feel the swagger in it’s step. I don’t know man, it’s almost dirty sounding in a way, but I can’t quite put my finger on it, maybe it’s that low booming bass? Or the harrowing guitar leads? I’m not sure, but either way this song opened my eyes to what new areas in music I could explore.

Pink (Boris): I put this on during a lot of road trips during the summer before I started writing the record, but there’s definitely a huge influence that this song (and LP) had on me. This song just takes me back to the simpler times of being in a band, it just feels like a couple of people getting together and just bashing out some noise, not to mention the fact that the drummer is the singer, that blows my mind to this day.

Pretty Visitors (Arctic Monkeys): Arctic Monkeys are a band I love dearly, there’s a lot of nostalgia there for me, my mum always used to play their 2nd LP in the car when I was younger, but after seeing this tune live when they came to Auckland last, it’s instantly become a favorite for it’s pure energy and up-tempo beat that I can’t help but dance to.

Sunglasses (Black Country, New Road): This song terrifies the absolute sh*t out of me. It’s so feel-good in it’s first half, but man does it go to some weird places. Brass instruments in rock are highly underrated in my opinion, and when it’s done well it makes for a killer song, like this thing really explodes towards the end, so chaotic, so beautiful.


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