Temporary Team Pick The Hottest 100

If you’re a fan of music in Australia, it’s certain that you would have heard of the Triple J Hottest 100, a fan-voted countdown of the top songs of each year. The Hottest 100 began in 1989, originally declared at ‘Hot 100’ and has been going ever since.

This year, the Temporary Dreamer team have selected some pretty cool songs as their favourites. Check out what everyone had to say below.

Mannequin by Sammi Constantine

“I love its dark, brooding atmosphere  and intensity while still being a fucking fantastic pop song.”

  • Lewis Morley

On The Line by San Cisco

“I don’t know if I have an absolute favourite song of 2020, but one that could easily take that title for me is On The Line by San Cisco. It’s such a great throwback to the bands earlier sound, really recapturing why I fell in love with this band at the start of the 2010s”

  • Thomas Freeman

I’m Good? by Hilltop Hoods

“I could have easily selected so many great bangers this year for the #1 place in the Hottest 100, but I definitely think that this track encapsulates 2020 in just two minutes forty. I mean how else would you describe 2020 than “Twenty twenty’s nothing but an unshaved ballbag”

  • Tara Campbell (Editor)

Cya Later by Tired Lion

My top song of 2020 is Cya Later by Tired Lion because it sounds like a grungy dream and throws out nostalgic vibes

  • Em Violet

Quit by Cry Club

My song of the year is ‘Quit’, by cry club. I picked this song because it’s a cute pop power ballad that you just can’t help but dance to

  • Matt Waddingham

Creature of Habit by Slowly Slowly

Memorable, feels honest and has great rhymes, what else does a song need?

  • Zachary Herbert

WAP by Cardi B ft. Megan Thee Stallion

No surprises here. It’s unknown whether or not “macaroni in a pot” is a vine reference but for the implication alone this song is iconic. Immediate rotation in my n-a-s-t-y playlist.

  • Nadene Budden

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