LIVE SHOW REVIEW // Tulliah + Holly Hebe (Corner Hotel)


Image by Simon Eeles

Born and raised on the Mornington Peninsula, ​Tulliah​ is a salt water baby in the big smoke playing a sold out show at the Corner Hotel on Swan Street, Richmond. This show was to celebrate the release of her song Just My Type (A Little Bit Lonely),​ it was also a tease of what is to come on her upcoming EP. Supported by her friend ​Holly Hebe​ this was such a fun show to get back into the swing of things. I have known Tulliah since high school, opening our assemblies with her powerful voice. From school assemblies to centre stage, Tulliah and her band have a special bond.

The evening was opened by Holly Hebe with a mix of her first few releases and some gems yet to see the light of day. Slipping on her sunnies and kazoo for a funky cover of ​Chet Faker’s​ ​’Talk is Chea​p’, Holly filled the room with a bright atmosphere. For those unfamiliar with Holly she could be compared to the lovechild of Nick Cave and Birdy, with her own unique sound marked by piano and haunting vocals. Spinning above our heads were two disco balls glistening across the room as a reminder to celebrate the opportunity to be in a room full of friends boogying to unreleased tunes.

Tulliah’s stage presence felt natural and welcoming after a year stuck at home it felt like live music never stopped. The band room smelt like stale cigarettes and a lifetime of good music. Adorned with fairy lights and deck chairs this show had the atmosphere of a backyard gig in the heart of Melbourne’s live music scene. Tulliah started her set with ​Distant Dreams​ and released a couple of days after the gig. A self proclaimed sad song lover, Tulliah introduced each song with a story that inspired it. ​Okay​ was an absolute stand out as she reflected on how it hurts to see a friend hurting. Tears poured down her face as her gravelly voice was unable to finish lines of this track. ​Okay​ faded seamlessly into ​Frank Ocean’s​ Lost pack with the same emotion as her originals. She finished the set with Company “the one that started it all” and made her a finalist in triple j’s 2019 unearthed high competition. The crowd were up on their feet, phone torches out swaying along to lyrics that kept us company through 2020.

Stay tuned for the release of Tulliah’s debut EP! ​Just My Type (A Little Bit Lonely)​ and ​Distant Places​ are available for streaming now.

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