SINGLE REVIEW // ‘Hard To Be Alone’ – Good Lekker


Wollongong-Based Indie Dance band, Good Lekker have just released ‘Hard To Be Alone’, and it is everything we’ve been waiting for and more.

Produced by the band themselves, and mastered by Steve Smart at Studios 301, Hard To Be Alone is a track that I can’t wait to scream at a festival, covered in sweat but surrounded by all my best mates when live music returns.

The song is a summery, synth-filled indie dance track. Think Catfish and The Bottlemen meets Passion Pit meets The Jungle Giants. A perfect combination proving that the boys from Good Lekker are an absolute powerhouse; a force to be reckoned with. I can see Good Lekker headlining Groovin The Moo or Laneway, and selling out concerts all across the world in the near future.

From the fade in, the song puts you in a great mood. Add this track to your road trip playlists, and groove along to this uplifting track. A highlight of Hard To Be Alone is the brilliant climax of the song building up to the explosion of an unexpected guitar solo, accompanied by hard-hitting drums and of course the bass and synth, creating a wall of sound that strikes you right in the ‘Wow’, part of your body.

Co-frontman Josh Fahy talks about the inspiration behind ‘Hard to Be Alone’:

“We wrote the track in early 2020 up on the Central Coast in a jam session and the lyrics represent the turmoil I was dealing with at the time. I wanted the lyrics to take aim at a caricature of myself, mainly to vent on some built up frustration I had about my actions. I have the tendency to be unnecessarily argumentative, and I wanted to portray the ridiculousness of that through this caricature.”

This song is already one of my favourite releases, and certainly my favourite release from the Good Lekker team. If you’ve been missing festivals, chuck this one on and dance around in your living room.

Check It Out Below:

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