SINGLE REVIEW // ‘Gemini’ – Lili Crane

Lili Crane is back with her refined sound and passion in Gemini


In a wave of surf rock, Lili Crane shows that you can do something different and still be successful. Hailing from Newcastle, Lili is proof that there are big sounds emerging from the city.

‘Gemini’ is Lili Crane’s first 2021 release, after the release of her debut EP ‘In My Head’ in 2020, and 2019 singles ‘Don’t Take My Mask Off’, ‘Drama Queen’ and ‘Stay Forever’, a track that gained quite a lot of success. Gemini seems to display an angst and sound that shows Lili’s progression from a young artist, into a mature and self-aware musician.

Lili Crane sticks true to herself with Gemini, holding herself accountable and standing out from the crowd.

This track has a unique sound that instantly captivates you; the signature Lili Crane guitar tone, joined by her developed vocals with lyrics that many can relate to

“I hate you, but I miss you when I haven’t seen you in a while

“I’m way too attached to something that’s not worth my time

“So many things I wanna do but I can’t make up my fucking mind

“I can’t help I’m a Gemini”

This track feels like it could be a sequel to Stay Forever, Lili is a storyteller in her songs and Gemini has certainly cemented her place in the Australian music industry. You’ll want to chuck this track on repeat and scream the lyrics.

I’ve had the chance to hear this song live and truth be told, the first time I heard the song, I instantly made a note of the name and chased up Lili after the show to find out when I could hear it again.

Gemini is out now across all platforms, and I highly recommend this track. You’re going to hear this track at festivals… Just you wait…



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