EXCLUSIVE // Lanstan’s Five Urban Artists of 2021 You Need To Watch

  1. Ollie Roland is one of the best producers/artists in Australia. As well as producing the instrumental for ‘Glow’ with Talakai, he also delivered an amazing verse on Poltergeist for the EP. Landing a placement on a track with Lil Yachty last year was just one of many milestones on his belt. Check out his track ‘Soul’! It’s a really touching song that still delivers with loud and full bass and emotional lyricism.
  1. Miles Marmalade and I entered into the music world together in 2018 with our viral hit Garn Servo and never looked back. Now, three years later, he has released a 30 minute short film that premiered live in cinema and I have released two solo projects as well as a series of EDM releases with international artists. Finally, after all this time, we have released a track together and it is a banger. All in is the second track on the EP and its braggadocios tone sets the mood for the rest of the project. 
  1. Talakai and I have been fans of each others music for quite some time now and it was an awesome moment to finally get a song out together. Glow has racked up 150k streams on Spotify in just a few months and the fusion of my melodic chorus with Tala’s raw bars hits just right. He has just dropped his debut album ‘Boy in the Mask’ and it is back to back hits. 
  1. Iiiconic and I met a few years ago at his show in Sydney. I knew instantly that he is one of Australias rising talents and since then he has very much proved that, going on to open for Tyga and A$ap Ferg as well as releasing consistently huge tracks. With a crisp, commercial quality to his vocals and songwriting, Iiiconic is definitely one to look out for this year. 
  1. Muller Made has been producing, mixing and mastering for a huge selection of Australian artists for years now. His sound is very distinctive and his positive energy is infectious. We met a few times by chance and ended up hanging out and making some really cool music together. Some of his unreleased music is the best I’ve heard in this country, period. Don’t sleep on his 2020 project ‘HOLD MY BEER’. 


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