LIVE SHOW REVIEW + GALLERY // RedHook + Reliqa + Linear (Cambridge Hotel)


Heavy pop-punk up-and-comers RedHook played in Newcastle’s infamous Cambridge Hotel on February 26th. Being supported by Reliqa and Linear on the night, the sold-out show was a part of their short tour to promote one of their recent singles ‘Cure 4 Psycho’. The room was filled with fans of the bands and the heavier music genres, who all really connected with the energy and sounds of all three bands.

RedHook brought the perfect amount of hair flicks, heavy pop-punk and an overdose of chaotic energy to Newcastle for the show. It was a set full of the bands constantly growing list of hit songs, including ‘Fake’, ‘Dead Walk’ and the previously mentioned ‘Cure 4 Psycho’, which the crowd really got into for that track. Their most recent single ‘Bad Decisions’ was a highlight from the night, with the members of Reliqa and Linear all jumping on stage for a backing vocal choir, elevating the energy in the room in the process. There was also some unreleased music in the setlist too, with RedHook hyping up the bands forthcoming EP at the show too, with tracks like ‘Kamikaze’ being one of the heaviest tracks from the band. Emmy, the lead singer of the band, is an amazing performer on stage and really drives the whole atmosphere of the room, and the rest of the band are also incredible live too by not only playing super well, but also with all the hair flying around and the constant spinning with the guitars. I also really loved the encore performance where the band covered ‘Guerrilla Radio’ by Rage Against the Machine. If you’re a fan of bandslike Stand Atlantic, Polaris or Ocean Grove, then RedHook are definitely one to check out, both with their music and live on stage.

Another big positive from the night was that all three bands were quite different in sound. Central Coast 4-piece Reliqa, the second band to play, brought a big System of a Down and Evanescence vibe to the Cambridge Hotel, taking everyone back to their emo teenage phase during their set. The band also a lot to bring on stage through their presence and their music, making for an enjoyable support act. Local heavy pop-punk band Linear opened up the night with their Northlane and Green Day influenced music. It was a passionate set to a mostly filled room, which was really cool to see the support for the Newcastle band. They also brought along a solid amount of head banging and raw emotion to the stage, making for a set that not only pumped up the whole room, but also showed that Linear are a band that are worth checking out. I was pretty unfamiliar with both Reliqa and Linear prior to the show, and both bands really impressed myself and the crowd on the night.

To say that RedHook and the supports killed it on Friday night is a massive understatement. Despite it being a seated gig, the energy from both the bands and the audience made for a super fun night, filled with awesome music and terrific performances from all three bands. RedHook are a band I’m definitely keen to see live again. Whether you’re a fan of metal, punk, pop-punk or anything else in-between, definitely check out RedHook, Reliqa and Linear, especially if you can see them live.

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