SINGLE REVIEW // ‘Josh’ – Peach PRC

WORDS BY Isabella Ross

Peach PRC​ Australia’s newest pop sweetheart has just released ​Josh,​ her debut single with Republic Records, a pop gem that scrutinises the ​Josh​ we all have in our lives. When she isn’t in the studio writing and recording Peach takes to TikTok advocating for and sharing her experiences with mental health. Her bubbly personality, love for pink and beautiful voice leave a sugary sweet taste in your mouth after listening to her songs.

Josh​ is introduced by Peach herself making the whole thing feel as if she is singing down the phone to her best friend.The Josh character is described in just enough detail that every Australian girl can relate to these lyrics. ​Josh​ is an anthem of self love and taking the steps to look after yourself when an ex won’t leave you alone.

This track is an undeniable glitter pop anthem, waiting to be blasted in the car and danced to with your best friend. Despite it being a true story about an obsessive ex Peach keeps this song light and full of energy. ​Josh​ was produced by ​Quinn​, known for his work within the Australian pop sphere.

The lyric video for this track feels like a time warp to the early 2000’s, with flip phones and animations drenched in her signature cotton candy colour. This video and creative design is the work of ​Jess Severn​. Listening to Peach’s music you can hear the influences of Ke$ha, Katy Perry, and Britney Spears whilst she maintains a distinctly contemporary sound forging the way for Australian pop music.




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