NEW RELEASE // ‘Naissance’ – Shirin Kalyani

Emerging Sydney based singer/songwriter Shirin Kalyani has released her debut single “Naissance.” The new single, written and produced by Shirin features a flawless cross of alternative rock and dreamy pop. This electrifying single is prepping Shirin Kalyani for a thrilling new year.

Skillfully fusing the borders of optimism and dark edge “Naissance” explores the depth of human experience with deep lyrical meaning, that hit both with force and soft sadness. Reinforcing the song’s message through haunting sonic elements, Shirin encorperates stirring riffs and kick drums akin to heartbeats that sit deep within listeners. 

“Naissance’ is an ode to adolescence and the discovery of the complex intertwining between life and death,” said Shirin“Written at a time when everything was in turmoil, ‘Naissance’ is a survival anthem, expressing a deep longing and optimism for new beginnings.”

New kid on the block Shirin Kalyani is melancholic, dreamy and mysterious. Inspired by the likes of Lana Del ReyMorcheebaR.E.MDavid BowiePrimal Scream and Massive AttackShirin combines her love for upbeat and experimental electronica, dream pop and alt rock to bring a fresh yet nostalgic sound to the table. 

Attempting to make sense of the world around her while simultaneously fighting for who she is through the means of music, a rebellious and undying spirit shines through in Shirin’s sound. Fascinated with concepts like space and time, existence, politics and the human experience, Shirin’s songs are universal yet closely relate to her lived experience.

“Naissance” is available to stream on all platforms now.

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