JAPANESE MORNING is Jarrod Jeremiah’s shimmering first release for 2021 cementing him as one of Australia’s most promising up and coming young artists. Jeremiah is a one man show with sounds big enough to fill a sold out concert hall. 2020 was a year full of releases for the Perth based 18 year old who shows no signs of slowing down. JAPANESE MORNINGS is the first step on a new journey of Jeremiah’s blending his earlier bedroom pop sound with a new flavour to make a sound that is his own.

This track brings a dance energy to his earlier sound resulting in a great bop to pump you up in the morning. His simple lyrics are sure to get stuck in your head leaving you wanting more. At such a young age Jeremiah is writing, recording and producing all of his own music, showcasing some incredible Australian bedroom pop. Short and snappy is what he is good at, JAPANESE MORNING is no exception at just 2 minutes and 30 seconds it packs a dance ready punch.

Jeremiah has said the track represents “the symbolic breakdown of communication between two people” he feels that this one is his most “fun, playful and catchy” as it was brought to life through an unexpected DIY project. He feels that this is the perfect track to announce himself to the Australian music scene with bold vocals over a funky home made beat.

Fast paced and shimmery, this song sounds like summer with friends, the perfect soundtrack to your next sunset drive.

JAPANESE MORNING is available for streaming now!




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