EP REVIEW // ‘Queen Of Wands’ – Sammy Honeysett


One of Australia’s hottest new acts Sammy Honeysett has graced us with her new EP, Queen of Wands. With in-demand producer Jack Nigro at the desk, this EP is set to truly bring Honeysett into the mainstream.

An artist still in the early stages of her career, Queen of Wands marks her first full release. The name of the EP stumbled upon by the artist on a Tarot Card;

Whilst moving a good friend into their new home and discussing various names in the car; I stumbled across the Queen of Wands Tarot card when arriving at the house.”, Sammy said in a statement.

Queen of Wands  is an amazing selection of tracks that gives us the perfect insight and introduction to the artist, shining a light on her influences and amazing songwriting abilities.

The EP opens with the super energetic ‘I C UR LIPS,’ a blistering 3 minutes and 23 seconds that is bound to leave a lasting impact on you as you listen to the album. Opening with a sharp, staccato bass line,  the listener is brought in straight away,  and is held in as the other instruments build around Honeysett’s awesome vocals. The distorted guitars and punky vibes we hear throughout harken back to the later 90’s alternative scene.

This high energy, hard rocking sentimentality subsides for the preceding track, ‘With Another,’ but this is for the better, because we get to experience Sammy’s phenomenal vocal abilities, in a more toned down setting, where they can truly shine. The track opens with a light, somewhat cheerful clean tone guitar, where other instruments comfortable sit around it, leaving enough room for Sammy’s vocals to come to the front, where they definitely belong.

Next up is ‘Play Nice’ and ‘Temptation’  where the rock that Sammy and her band does so well slowly picks back up, and where the older style instrumentation featured throughout really helps her music sit apart from the plethora of other indie rockers out there.

The Queen Of Wands EP comes to a close with ‘Dad’s Song’ , a great point to finish the amazing EP, full of beautiful instrumentation, with soft guitars, and soaring vocals, it truly shines a light on Honeysett’s great songwriting ability, and sounds like music that could’ve easily been written by someone years into their career.

It’s a song that clearly means a great deal to Honeysett, as heard by her heartfelt vocals, and contrasted with the quaint orchestration, it truly leaves the listener in awe of the immense talent Honeysett portrays.

This EP is unforgettable, and truly cements Sammy at the forefront of the super popular indie scene in Australia. Even though it is quite a short release, it still gives us a great understanding behind Sammy Honeysett and the music she’s influenced by.

Queen of Wands acts as somewhat of an introduction to the indie rocker, giving us an indication of her awesome songwriting ability, and great vocal ability, and when melded with terrific instrumentation, it makes for a great EP.  Check it out now.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sammyhoneysett/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sammyhoneysett/

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