NEWS // Holly Hebe releases ‘nothing hurts I promise’

Following a stellar 2020, Holly Hebe returns with the release of her third single, ‘nothing hurts I promise

Succeeding past releases ‘sink’ and ‘we are fine’, ‘nothing hurts I promise’ showcases undeniable vulnerability from the budding singer-songwriter, creating an emotionally charged track, laced with bittersweet lyricism, detailing the notions and agony of a slow-burn romance.

Releasing on the 16th of April, ‘nothing hurts I promise’ exudes passion and skill, reflecting growth in Holly’s musical prowess. Brimming with Holly’s staple environmental sound-scaping and emotive storytelling, the track opens with a gentle piano, recorded in her backyard, truly immersing you into the world of Holly Hebe. Then enters the vocals, soft and delicate, reflecting the fragile nature of the song’s meaning; the fear of telling someone how you truly feel. With the
addition of distorted vocal layering, Holly has created almost what feels like a ballad of two people’s hidden yearning, however, they cannot pluck up the strength to tell the other how they
feel. Ending the track with a choral “nothing hurts like these unsaid words”, this track means a great deal to the Mornington Peninsula artist, with her explaining

“This song is super personal & makes me feel extremely bittersweet– I love how I can process thoughts and feelings through my music & this song has definitely helped me to do that.”


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