EXCLUSIVE // SAYAH’s Ultimate Indie Pop Playlist

Image By Ashley Lim

We recently caught up with Sydney Singer/ Songwriter SAYAH after the release of ‘Fruit’ (which you can check out below!) and she ran us through ten songs that make the perfect indie pop playlist.

Banks – Fuck With Myself

This is the most relatable song ever – ‘Cause I fuck with myself more than anybody else’. Ain’t that the truth!? Also, do yourself a favour and go watch the video clip right now….. You’re welcome

Fka twigs – Mirrored Heart 

I don’t think there’s an Fka song I dislike, but the line ‘And for the lovers who found a mirrored heart, they just remind me I’m without you’ literally stabs me in the chest every time!!

Frank Ocean & Andre 3000 – Pink Matter

This song is literally sung poetry.. ..and just when you think it can’t get better, Andre 3000’s verse hits. 

Brandy – I wanna be Down

Is it just me, or do we all think Brandy is seriously underrated? This tune is a big VIBE 

Tears dry on their own – Amy Winehouse 

The ‘aint no mountain high enough’ sample is genius, but honestly – Amy could sing the phone book and I’d add it to this list. 

Unbound – Asgeir 

Asgeir is one of my favourite producers ever.. the production on this song is so emotive. I want to cry even before the singing comes in, and that never happens to me! 

Boys Will Be Boys – Stella Donnelly

This song broke my heart when I first heard it. It’s a story almost every woman you know knows too well & the way Stella delivers it is so beautifully haunting. 

Situationship – Snoh Allegra 

I’m obsessed with the backing vocals in this one. Not to mention, we’ve all been in a situationship once or twice. Feeeeels. 

Everybody Here Wants You – Jeff Buckley 

What a song. Jeff Buckley is king. 

Dont Leave Me Lonely – Yebba & Mark Ronson

I couldn’t not add this to my list. Two of my favourite music makers ever, I freaked out when I first heard this! The acoustic version is just as good. No one can sing like Yebba. 

Check out SAYAH’s new track below:

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